The Art of Multiplication

For Parents:

Math Fact Fu takes the headache out of learning the multiplication facts.

Much more than a game to practice the multiplication facts, Math Fact Fu is your child’s personal multiplication fact coach. Instead of just focusing on memorization, Math Fact Fu teaches your child classroom-tested mental math strategies to help them master their multiplication facts.

Math Fact Fu…

…assesses student skill level

…identifies target factors and individual facts for each student

…develops a tailored plan of mental math strategy lessons

…provides practice sessions, aligned with student’s target factors and facts

…periodically reassesses to keep instruction and practice relevant

…provides up to the minute data so teachers can monitor student progress

All you have to do is get your child started on the site, and Math Fact Fu takes care of the assessment, lesson planning and grading. 10 to 20 minutes a night is enough to put your child on a hassle-free road to mastering their multiplication facts.

Take a tour of the site’s key features to find out how easy it is to help your child become a master of the art of multiplication. You can also sign in with a demo student account to try it out for yourself, or with a demo parent account to explore the parent dashboard.