The Art of Multiplication

For Teachers:

Math Fact Fu goes beyond the memorization approach, teaching classroom-tested mental math strategies to help students master their multiplication facts.

Mitch, one of Math Fact Fu's creators, is a veteran math teacher who was tired of dealing with the same problem every year. Many of his upper grade students struggled with their multiplication facts, which slowed down their problem solving and led to errors in work that was otherwise done correctly. Every year, he had to decide, “Do I stop everything and help these students with their facts, or do I continue with the grade level curriculum?”

Math Fact Fu solves this problem, by acting as a personal math coach to help every student master the multiplication facts.

Math Fact Fu…

…assesses student skill level

…identifies target factors and individual facts for each student

…develops a tailored plan of mental math strategy lessons

…provides practice sessions, aligned with student's target factors and facts

…periodically reassesses to keep instruction and practice relevant

…provides up to the minute data so teachers can monitor student progress

Math Fact Fu can be used as an opening activity in the classroom, as a small group station, or entirely as a component of homework. All you have to do is direct students to the site, and Math Fact Fu handles the assessment, lesson planning and grading. 10 to 20 minutes a day is enough to put every student on the road to mastering their multiplication facts.

Take a tour of the site's key features to find out how easy it is to help your students become masters of the art of multiplication. You can also sign in with a demo student account to try it out for yourself, or with a demo teacher account to explore the teacher dashboard.

Coming Soon:

Some of the features of Math Fact Fu are currently presented in a “demo” format. We created the site in six weeks, specifically for the Gap App Challenge. In the coming weeks, we will incorporate the following features:

Fully operational user accounts for students, teachers and parents Currently you can explore the features of Math Fact Fu using our “demo” accounts.

Mental math lessons and training exercises for advanced students Those who achieve a perfect score on the assessment for the factors 0-9 will learn strategies for mentally calculating the products of two-digit numbers.

Clever API integration Teachers whose schools manage their data through Clever can set up a whole class list of student accounts with just one click.